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Evernote Sticky Noteshelp and info

  • 1. What is Evernote Sticky Notes?

    Evernote Sticky Notes is a desktop application that helps you pin to your desktop important Evernote notes. The notes remain in sight always, which means you’ll never forget them. The Evernote app helps take down notes too, but it’s too heavy an application and also a bit overwhelming for some.

  • 2. Is the tool free?

    Yes, you can download this sticky notes app for free. The primary executable file is called StickyNotes.wpf.exe and the setup bundle typically installs close to 19 files, which weigh around 4MB. Version 1.5.9 is the common release, which adds registry entry that lets the program to start automatically every time the system is rebooted.

  • 3. Is this the official Evernote app?

    No, the program isn’t an official Evernote offering. It’s being developed and offered by a company called EDO-Soft. Though that doesn’t sound great since it’s any day better to use official apps, Evernote Sticky Notes has already had more than a million downloads, which speaks about its popularity and reliability.

  • 4. What purpose does this tool serve?

    This lightweight application comes in handy when you have to write down something quickly, leave behind a message for another user, or have your favourite quotes pasted from other utilities. Multiple notes can be added. If there is some other thing you can imagine doing with this program, you can do that too.

  • 5. How is the interface like?

    The program’s interface is simple and clean. It sports a minimalistic layout that lets you access the configuration settings right away. By the way, the configuration settings are only a handful, so it should not take too long for you to get started with this program.

  • 6. How to write down the notes?

    The notes can be typed in directly into the program or you could have the text pasted into the app from another program. Also, you can move each note to any part of your screen by just dragging and dropping the tool wherever you want.

  • 7. Is there hotkeys support?

    Hotkeys are among the important features of this program. You can use hotkeys for different reasons. For instance, you could use them to exercise better control over the whole process and carry out basic editing tasks such as cut, copy, paste and delete.

  • 8. Does the app sync with my Evernote account?

    The notes made get synchronized automatically with your account with Evernote so that you can use the notes on multiple devices and stay updated at all times. By the way, each note can be custom-colored to differentiate it from other notes.

  • 9. How is the support like?

    Unfortunately, the support for the tool isn’t the best. The developer seems to have a web address but it leads you to nothing, almost always. And then finding the contact details of the developer could also be tough. The developer’s email is on the website, by the way. Fortunately, using the program is fairly simple and straightforward. And even if you come across issues, you always have online forums and a large user community to fall back to.

  • 10. Would Evernote jump in if there is an issue with the program?

    As aforementioned, Evernote Sticky Notes is not an Evernote product. Therefore, no official support or assistance with regard to this app can be expected from the company. Moreover, it would also not be ethically right on the part of Evernote to offer support for someone else’s product.